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pemf=pulsed electromagnetic field

PEMF Exercise uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to bathe low energy cells in pure, raw energy.


Each cell in your body is actually a capacitor, or battery, which holds a charge. Your entire body is electrical and your cells each need a measurable electrical charge to function optimally.


In order to maintain good wellness, cells must be doing their jobs. PEMF Exercise supports the body’s natural abilities to optimize balanced body functions –the definition of wellness.


PEMF devices do not treat a specific condition. Instead they optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating function."

PEMF Packages

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3/$100 ($33.33/HR)
*After your initial series of orientation and appointments, you may select from the following PRO packages:
6 Pack 30 Min Sessions
$180 ($30 each)
12 Pack 1 Hr Sessions
$660 ($55 each)
24 Pack 1 Hr Sessions
$1200 ($50 each)
48 Pack 1 Hr Sessions
$2160 ($45 each)
SPECIAL OFFER: Save $50 when you purchase a 12-Pack of 1-hour sessions on the last day of your package.

12 Hours for just $610.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of PEMF Cellular Exercise?

By using PEMF daily you can optimize your health and wellness.Over time the cells in our bodies begin to lose their energy.  The reduction of your cells energy is the root of cellular dysfunction.

With PEMF you can energize your cells and reduce the risk of the cellular dysfunction. As long as the cells in your body remain healthy, your body will remain healthy.Numerous benefits of PEMF therapy have been manifested through more than 2,000 medical studies.

Visit for some of the latest research studies on PEMF.

Why is PEMF Cellular Exercise necessary?

We live in an industrialized world and have thus removed ourselves from a large portion of the earth’s magnetic force, while simultaneously subjecting ourselves to electromagnetic fields from sources such as WiFi, microwaves, cell batteries and various electronics.

Our poor cells are being “scrambled” in a sense. PEMF penetrates into the cell, delivering energy to the organelles. This enables improved functioning, and replicates a better cell (think of photocopying a sharp, crisp document as opposed to a  messy, crumbled document). Raw foods, hydration and physical exercise also recharge our cells, but each of those has also been downgraded in today’s modern lifestyle.

What should I expect from my first session?


PEMF Exercise can help you feel energized, and this feeling can build for a few hours after a session. Take note of how long this feeling lasts; it may indicate how many sessions you’ll need to achieve your goals. But you also could feel tired due to a release of toxins. If this occurs, rest and drink plenty of fluids to promote rapid detox. In rare instances, you may encounter a cold or flu early in a series of sessions.

What types of health conditions does PEMF treat or address?

As Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University states, "PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) devices do not treat a specific condition. Instead they optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating function."

What are the side effects?


If you leave your cell phone on the charger after it’s fully charged what happens? Essentially nothing; the battery doesn’t accept what it doesn’t need. But as with exercise, there can be some residual residual soreness with PEMF if the application was too long or too strong.

What if I'm not getting results?

The surface-level inflammation of recently acquired acute orthopedic pain may dissipate within a few sessions. But a deeper dive into your body’s organs takes much more time. As a general rule, it takes on average 10 hours of PEMF exercise to develop a foundation of energy to optimize cell function. Chronic, long-standing issues may take longer to respond and a maintenance program may be required for best results.


what happy clients are saying

There is a special program designed only for your specific needs

Rettel H.
20 Dec 2017
Very Satisfied!

Living with chronic pain, the treasures of being able to enjoy my family was almost brought to a stand still. If you live with chronic pain the way I did, you know exactly
what I am talking about. I cannot begin to tell you how many therapies I have tried. NOTHING worked. I am excited to tell you The Pulse XL Pro works!

The key to a happy and healthy life is happy and healthy cells. This program is the best kept secret in the health and healing none. "New lease on life" has a whole new meaning.

Patricia H.
13 March 2018
Love the Results!

I'll admit it, at first I was very skeptical. But after this machine ERASED my pain, I was a believer. As a highly ranked Cross-Fit competitor, fast recovery post-workout is paramount to my routine.

There are so many programs out there that just do not deliver what is advertised. The Pulse XL Pro delivers. I feel fantastic! This year has seen my best times and finishes. Amazing.

Lorenzo S.
05 June 2018
Saving Grace!

25 years ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Then came high blood pressure, followed by type II diabetes. I found myself 80 pounds overweight, hopeless and helpless. I began searching for alternative therapies. As it happened, I did not need any more therapies. I needed to exercise and charge my cells!

That is what I found at Hall Of Fame Pulse Centers in Canton, Oh. Upon finishing my pulse sessions, I get in my car with a God sending gift of life! With clarity. With conviction and energy. I am not a doctor and would never advise anyone to get off their meds. But, I am off my meds. All of them.

Peter P.
05 Sept 2018
This place is Amazing!

I have lived with neuropathy for years. After receiving this treatment I no longer suffer from sleep problems due to leg pain and my mobility and overall quality of life has vastly improved! I came here 8 weeks ago feeling like this was my last hope and I am so glad I choose to come here.

I have learned so much information on how the body heals itself through healthy cells. I am very impressed that the Pulse XL Pro treatments do not center around the use of harmful drugs. Blair and Kim are very caring and knowledgable.

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